18 CASES - BREEZE Powder Power Care Technology Active Bleach 1410G BND: SKU 67178974 (Earliest Expiration: September 13, 2021) (Lot #: 195)

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    New Cases-Expiry 6-12 months

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    1-5 CBM

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    328.25 KG
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    Unilever Philippines
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1 case contains 6 (1410g) pcs
Lot contains 18 cases and 108 (1410g) pcs
LOT 195 : 3.5 CBM

Total Items in Lot: 108


Pollen Lot # (leave blank) Category SKU Lot Title (name appears on marktplace, leave blank if Pollen to set) Product Name (full name, Axe hair styling, not Axe Hair Sty) Warehouse Location QTY (CS) Pcs per Cs Total Items in Lot Length (Case) Width (case) Height (case) Unit (case) Gross Weight (per Cs) Net Weight (per CS) Gross Weight (Lot) Weight unit EAN/UPC Cs per Pallet Layer Cs per Pallet Earliest Expiration Date Retail Price Lot Asking Price Lot Total Pallets (lot) Total CBM (lot)
195 Fabrics Cleaning 67178974 BREEZE POWDER ACTVBLEACH 1450G BND Breeze Powder Actvbleach 1450G Bnd Laguna, Philippines 18 6 108 427 342 283 MM 18.236 17.4 328.248 KG 4800888198365 6 18 September 13, 2021 962 502 1.0 3.5

Earliest Expiration: September 13, 2021